MY NAME IS NICKOLAS FALK AND I'M PASSIONATE ABOUT DESIGN. I grew up in Europe and the USA, living in such places as Mainz, Germany, Monterey, California and Rome, Italy. I am an avid fan of fairytales, one of my favorites being Alice in Wonderland which I take my cue from. Much like Alice, I aspire to have great adventures in life, ask questions along the way and open every door to see where it leads. It has been one of the guiding stories of my life and in my work. I draw from the quote "[believe] as many as six impossible things before breakfast" and is how I approach design. I believe in finding those impossible designs and telling a simple yet fantastic story with each project.
I have an extensive educational background, achieving several undergraduate degrees in production and studio art, a Masters in Library and Information Science (University of Maryland, College Park) and a Masters in Integrated Design (University of Baltimore). I am currently applying my talents to authoring and illustrating children’s books.
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